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Effective July 1, 2020: An EHF schedule will be introduced for Ontario. Is your organization obligated?

As a retailer or distributor, it is important to note that based on the battery producer definition in the Ontario Battery Regulation, almost all national-brand battery companies will be the obligated and responsible party for reporting and remitting payments for Ontario, as well as any retailer or distributor who is selling or importing their own private label single-use batteries.

If you sell any single-use and/or rechargeable batteries in Ontario carrying these brand names, you do not need to report or remit payment for these brands or their branded products: Duracell, Energizer, Eveready, Panasonic, Rayovac, Sunbeam, Westinghouse or Camelion.

If you market, distribute or import private label single-use and/or rechargeable batteries directly to consumers in Ontario, you are obligated and responsible for reporting and remitting on those brand(s).

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, Welcome to Call2Recycle's web portal, GreenTrax. This site allows you to securely and easily manage your battery recycling program and includes features such as:

  • 24/7 account access including agreement, collection data, and downstream documentation
  • Real-time payment status and details
  • Green paperless process – no printing 
  • Ability to submit support requests to customer service with status tracking
  • Ability to add users to the portal account

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